999 Alert

RED LIPSTICK is the beauty equivalent of the little black dress: casually elegant, effortless, and always chic. Sixty years ago Christian Dior certainly thought so when he created the house’s first beauty products, Rouge Dior 9 – later referred to as 99, and then as 999 – an absolute perfect, universally flattering shade of crimson inspired by the couturier’s most sumptuous fabrics. Like all great classics, it more than holds up today, and even though we have more choices than ever when it comes to lipstick, 999 is the LBD of my overstuffed makeup bag. J’adore! 

We could be lying if we claimed to have no desire to embrace our inner diva. As women, we all have one. She’s slightly more confident, a little more adventurous. And sometimes that stiletto-clad, red-lipstick-wearing self has got to make an entrance.  With a fall season anchored in darings reds, just-bitten puckers – what better time than now? I am right behind you. Share your favorites!

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