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Ten years ago when I first started my journey within the beauty industry, I could not have chosen a better role model than Anastasia. I was in make-up school when I first wrote her a letter asking for advice and trying to pick her brain on the ups and downs of this industry.

I never sent the letter. I needed to be ready. I had plans and dreams I wanted to accomplish before I would sit across the table from the woman whom in my eyes was the perfect example of the American dream, the woman who had the drive and the vision to turn everything into reality.

Little did I know we had quite a few things in common: We both left the Black Sea Coast for the Hollywood Hills armed with strength and courage to pursue a better life.

As I walked into her high end salon, I instantly stepped into an inviting, bright, luxurious space, with gorgeous fresh hydrangeas and peonies on every surface. Although the atmosphere was calm and comfortable, the well manicured, fresh faced staff was clearly on a mission to beautify the world one person at a time. Anastasia’s exquisite taste was apparent in every detail, from the silk covered walls and crystal chandeliers, to the perfect presentation of her famed beauty products, and of course Anastasia’s own impeccably stylish appearance.

Anastasia working her magic on my eyebrows!

As Anastasia and I sat down in her exclusive meeting room, she eased our way into the interview by sharing with me secrets on how Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez so effortlessly balance motherhood and their Hollywood careers, which as a mom I was excited to hear about. She warmly smiled at me and said: “let’s talk beauty!”

V: Beautiful shaped eyebrows act as a frame to set off your eyes. It’s no exaggeration to say that brow shape can make or break your look. What is the main concern women come in with in your salon?

A: Most of the time women over tweeze their eyebrows, in between and overall hoping to get a higher arch, thinking the higher arch will give them that sexy, dramatic look, which is not always the case, so they end up with very thin, high eyebrows that don’t suit their features.

V: We live in a city obsessed with celebrity looks. Women go into a plastic surgeon’s office asking for Angelina’s lips, Heidi Klum’s nose and so on. Do women come in here with a picture in their hand asking to have their eyebrows shaped like their favorite movie star?

A: Absolutely! Every day! What I try to explain my clients is that we need to shape our eyebrows according to their bone structure. Just because Jenifer Lopez has amazing eyebrows that doesn’t mean they will look great on you. When you shape eyebrows according to the bone structure, you emphasize all your beautiful features and you balance the face.

V: What is the most coveted eyebrow shape? (High arch, natural, etc)

A: High arch! Women just LOVE the high arch, but as I mentioned before, they tweeze so much trying to achieve that arch that they end up with very thin and short eyebrows. To me, it’s a science and it looks that I found the key to creating a perfect eyebrow for each and one of my clients.

V: Talk to me about this key! I know you are using the Golden Ratio principle. Can you explain our beautiful fashionstas this concept?

A: Golden Ratio Technique involves establishing three precise points (on the brow): one that lies on an imaginary line running vertically through the middle of the nostril; the High Point on the eyebrow arch, which can be found on a line connecting the tip of the nose to the center of the iris; and finally, the point that lies on a line running through the edge of the corresponding nostril through the outer edge of the eye. The High Point divides the eyebrow arch in precisely the Golden Ratio.

When I first started shaping brows in Beverly Hills in the early nineties, you couldn’t get this information – and the tools to do what I do didn’t exist. So of course, I created them!

V: Years of tweezing and waxing cause follicle damage which causes hair to grow finer, thinner, and eventually not grow at all. There are a handful of hair restorers on the market right now, some of which contain Minoxidil, an ingredient proven to come to the rescue. It’s showing success in growing eyebrow hair even in damaged follicles. Have you come across successful cases like that with your clients? Or do you have to make do with what you have?

A: My line caries a serum that stimulate the hair growth, but it only stimulates the dormant follicles, if your follicle is already destroyed you could use the best of the best and nothing will help. One of the best products right now on the market that stimulates the growth is Latisse. Latisse solution is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker.Eyelash hypotrichosis is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

V: Do you believe in trends when it comes to eyebrows?

A: No! The shape of your eyebrows should always be the same, according to your natural bone structure. The only trend I love when it comes to eyebrows is that you could lighten, darken, and color your eyebrows according to the color you are choosing for your hair. You can use different powders and pencils to color your eyebrows according to your hair color so they are in harmony.

V: Quick tip for our ladies on how to create a mistake proof eyebrow every time.

A: Follow the Golden ratio rule! Women should know where their eyebrows are supposed to be placed according to their face structure. That’s the key. And if you do make a mistake, we have over 50 products to help you correct your eyebrows. Each kit packs the necessities to re-create classically-arched, beautiful brows. From brushes, tweezers and powders to pencils and brow growth serum, a palette of select brow products helps anyone divinely define and accentuate your arches. Applications become a fast daily ritual for perfect brows that stay in place all day long.

V: Tell me about the beauty products you have developed: your skin care line and the amazing makeup that works like skin care fighting aging and wrinkles!

A: I have long been developing breakthrough techniques to enhance and define your personal beauty. For the longest time I have been dissatisfied with the current ingredients on the market, so I returned to Romania to discover healthy products that naturally improve the texture, tone and appearance of skin. I developed Balkan Botanical Infusion, a blend of rare plant and herb extracts found only in the rich soils of Romania. A few of these ingredients are Marshmallow Leaf, Lemon Balm Leaf, Bilberry, and Green Tea, which combine to soothe and restore the skin’s natural radiance. My line includes: Sheer Moisture Cream SPF 30, Line Erasing Serum, Hydrating oil, Line Erasing Cream and Eye Cream. I have also introduced Youthful Synergy™, a unique combination of products designed to lift the appearance of skin while soothing, softening, and hydrating. My line “Illumin8 with Youthful Synergy™ Complex” features shadows that are clinically proven to lift and firm the appearance of skin, while helping skin maintain its elasticity. Clinical studies show that one hour after application, clients noticed reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After four weeks, 100% of clients saw overall improvement in the appearance of their eye area.

V: What inspires you the most when creating such amazing products for women?

A: Everything and everybody! Every woman that walks into my salon, every runway collection, nature. Every day is a new experience and I try to make the best of it, and create products that I trust and love to use.

V: Any exciting news you would like to share with our readers:

A: I do but it is still under wraps! I am working on a book but you will have to stay tuned to find out more soon!

V: It’s no news to you that you have been my idol in the beauty industry since I have emerged myself in the world of makeup. Any words of advice for me?

A: Practice and cultivate your talent every single day! Become so good at what you do that no one else can do it the way you do!

In a world obsessed with the perfect eyebrows and lush lashes, there is nobody else who shapes and grooms like Anastasia. She has it down to an art. This talented, well respected artist is not just the name behind her brand! She is still in the trenches shaping the perfect eyebrow for her clients. Her impeccable work ethic, talent, drive, love, and passion created what she has become today: the perfect recipe for success!

Violeta Meyners

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