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Hello Beautiful! Welcome back to IN THE GLOW! My blog section where I feature women I love, admire and are a force to reckon with, in the the beauty industry and not only!

Today’s feature is my long time friend Sylvia. Sylvia and I go way back, over twelve years to be exact! I was a young actress fresh out of acting school, she was a recent USC graduate dating former actor Adam Hendershott whom developed a passion for photography. Her boyfriend, now her husband Adam and I met on a crazy networking site for artists which now has long been shut down due to a series of unfortunate events we won’t address here! Long story short, we met, we worked together, I started my career in makeup, we worked together some more, like eight years more, Adam shooting , I, mastering the craft of makeup artistry, until 2014 when Adam embarked on another photo adventure and under his guidance so did I!

Fast forward all these years later, Syl and I become very close, went through millions of changes, marriage, having kids and other amazing life adventures. Here we are now, both on different career paths yet closer than ever. And here is a little insight on what Syl has been up to, and trust me, it’s pretty amazing, so keep reading!



1. When did you start your career and tell us the story behind it?

I officially started doing spirit guide readings and spiritual mentorship as a career about a year ago! It was actually a huge coming out for me, since most people didn’t know anything about it. Up until then, I was known for having worked with my photographer husband Adam in the several years before having our daughter, and of course, after that, for being Ava’s mom.
I’d been doing readings for close friends and training with my mentors since 2013, and to be quite honest, I never thought it would be a career. I had always had a deep passion for learning about metaphysics, psychic mediumship and what happens to our loved ones when they pass, but while I had always had a strong intuition, I simply assumed that everybody would think I was weird, and I certainly didn’t identify with the stereotypical psychic with a corner store, a cheap sign, and a crystal ball.
When my childhood dog, Mac, passed away in 2006, it was like he opened a wide open door to an entire path of insatiable curiosity and exploration around life, death and what happens afterward. I had seen and felt firsthand that there was a tangible and drastic difference in his eyes and body as he left it.
Lights on, lights off.
That was it. I devoured every book I could find, watched every psychic show, talked to anybody who would listen.
And in 2012, three of my close family members passed away in the span of about six months. I started feeling them around me, having visitation dreams, seeing things that felt significant for some “random” reason… Long story short, I just followed the bread crumbs, and now I do this for a living.
Who knew? I guess they did!
2. Who or what inspires you to chase your dreams?
Who inspires me? John Edward is the first psychic medium that I ever learned about, and by some “coincidence” his tv show was on right around the time my dog passed. He’s amazing. And Tyler Henry is absolutely brilliant; I love that there’s somebody YOUNG doing this work, and representing it so beautifully. Back when I started NOBODY my age talked openly about this stuff. And it certainly wasn’t on tv. And Lisa Williams, of course! It’s completely possible to do this work, maintain utmost reverence and integrity, contribute positively to people’s lives, and be a “normal”, healthy, happy, successful human.
As for why I show up so hard every day? For my family. I want them to be inspired and unafraid to trust their own guidance, so I have to walk the talk. And for myself, and my own Spirit Team. There is so much unconditional love and magic that surrounds us all, at all times. If more people could feel it, the world would be a different place.
3. What is your dream-level goal for your business? 
If I know anything at all from doing this work it’s that our imagination can simultaneously act as a catalyst for magical growth, and an upper limit for the universe. The sky’s actually not the limit. There are no limits. Oprah could never have dreamt of or imagined the life she has now. She just showed up every day, and trusted her intuition. So I’m going to do the same.
4. Talk us through what your typical day looks like. 
There is no typical day! The cool thing about how I do readings is that I deliver a written PDF over email. My clients send me a photo of themselves, and I’m able to tune into their energy and guides that way, and then they get to read at their own pace, marinate and digest the information over time. It can be a lot to take in.
This means that I get to work around my wife-mom-life. My husband works and travels like crazy, so if my kid is in preschool that day, obviously it’s easier to manage, but I used to work through nap time and after bedtime before she was in school. I always say, I can fit an entire adult life and taking over the world in just three school days!
When I have my work hat on, I’m either working on the typical behind the scenes business stuff (website, social media, answering emails, etc.), or doing a reading or follow up phone call. Working for yourself means that the work hat is always accessible and ready for the unexpected pockets of time throughout the day. I do take nights and weekends now that my daughter is in school, though. Real life is what it’s all about, after all.
Aside from that, my daily psychic lady maintenance includes yoga, writing and journaling, and meditating with my crystal and plant and animal and human babies! Serving up some magical earth mama vibes over here!
5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?
Everybody is psychic, and we all have access to more than our five physical senses, but like anything, it’s a skill and a muscle that needs to be developed with intention and proper form. The best thing to do is to read as much as possible, and ask your Guides (We all have Spirit Guides who help us, I know, crazy… But true.) to flow you to the right teacher, mentor or group. Meditate. Journal. Be as consistent as possible.
Above all, maintain a clear intention of being and connecting with the highest vibration of love and light. Just like it’s important to be selective with who we hang out with in the physical, it’s important to do the same when we connect with the Other Side.
6. What’s next for your business? 
Next on the agenda is to release some courses and meditations that will help people who are just starting out. A lot of people are starting to feel more and realize there is more to this world than they previously thought. It’s such an exciting time, and I’m so happy to be a part of it!
7. Where can people find you ? (Include all social media links you want) 
I mostly hang out on Instagram @imsylviabeatriz. My website is Looking forward to connecting with you all!

PHOTOS: Teren Mabry and curtesy of Sylvia.



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