About Vio


Hello BEAUTIFUL! Welcome!

I am Violeta Meyners, Photographer, Pro Makeup Artist, Beauty Lover and Mom to my amazing 10 year old son, actor Nico David.

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the beauty business, and the dreamy ocean locations.

In contrast to the amazing life I have now, I came from next to nothing. I arrived in the states in 2002 with less than $500 in my pocket and no family or friends—just my Romanian fire within my soul, big dreams, and a burning desire to turn them into reality.

On my quest to accomplish my dreams, I did whatever it took. I worked four jobs while going to school—walking to work and campus because I didn’t have a car, and ate for nearly $1.25/day.

Five years ago, after freelancing as a makeup artist for a decade, I considered how my approach to makeup artistry made women feel effortlessly beautiful, fresh, and empowered—and what better way to capture it all than by co-creating images that radiate your bright, feminine essence? 

That’s when I took my passion for photography and turned it into a full fledged career.

Helping women own and celebrate their beauty and worthiness is what lights me up. If I can be that permission granted in your life that whispers: “ you got this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt, then I’ll consider my job done.

 I’m here to help you discover your inner light and bring it out into images that truly convey your spirit. Let’s work together to make your brand, business, and heart aligned.


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