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My Pro Kit | Prep & Prime | Glowing Skin

I  love a good highlighter, I can’t live without my favorite moisturizer, and I swoon over every new lipstick color I see, but when it comes to beauty products, here’s what I really want: Glowing skin. Dull, lifeless skin can…


Danielle Cambell – An Original Beauty

What can I say? I have the perfect job, if you can call it that! I get to work with amazingly gifted, talented people every day and this past month was no different. I had the pleasure to meet and…


Good Bye 2014, Welcome 2015

Well, well, another year has passed and I could not be more grateful for all the ups and down, accomplishments, people I have met, friends I made and let go for that matter. Here’s a little recap of what my…


Capturing Beauty and Talent

Attn. Los Angeles Actress! This news is for you! After almost a decade of working with clients of all ages and photographers in various parts of the world, celebrity makeup artist Violeta Meyners has devised a fresh, new boutique experience…


Red Carpet Beauty Francesca Eastwood

Beauty is something you have to define for yourself. I see beautiful faces in front of me every day and what I always do is let their beauty inspire me. I get to see these beautiful women without makeup. I…


Anastasia Soare – The Eyebrow Queen

Ten years ago when I first started my journey within the beauty industry, I could not have chosen a better role model than Anastasia. I was in make-up school when I first wrote her a letter asking for advice and…


The Price of Flawless

We expect a lot from foundation—it should hide blemishes, smooth fine lines, tamp down shine, and basically do everything but the dishes. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost a ton. Here, five flawless-skin fakers that are less than…


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